Business Consulting Services

Advisory services

Knowledge of the economy and range in the provision of services allows us to understand the unique business needs of each company, and each client can confidently rely on our services.

Strategic planning
We provide business entity analysis and strategic planning services to increase our clients’ performance. Strategic planning is the essential precondition for the successful development of businesses. It implies identifying long-term goals and directing the organisation towards meeting the set goals by defining strategies for fulfilling its mission and vision.

Business planning
We offer a set of services and analyses that enable the development of a meaningful and quality business plan, as well as a series of steps that lead to the achievement of planned business goals.

Access to finance
We provide support for preparing the necessary documentation when applying for the required funds establishing communication with the founder. Cooperation continues after obtaining funds for the successful implementation of projects.

Our services also include:
● Market research
● The commercialisation of intellectual property
● Development of marketing plans and branding.

References are available on request.