Business & Project Development
Need assistance in assessing your project idea’s innovation, commercialization, or business potential?


Project Coordination & Reporting
Have you won any projects recently? Experiencing troubles with project coordination and reporting requirements?
You have reached a development stage of your product that classifies as a prototype (TRL 6) and need the last push to achieve the highest technical maturity for market entry (TRL 9)?
With a creative thinking approach, we can support you in transforming your basic project ideas or advanced project concepts into real-life success stories.
EU Funding Mechanisms
Are you seeking financial injections to support your project ideas? Want to expand to international markets and boost your company’s growth?
We offer profound expertise in custom-made screening and managing of EU funded projects in the following areas:
    • Digitalisation
    • Research & Development
    • Innovation
We can help you secure your financing with smooth and timely project implementation with efficient project coordination and reporting.