InfoPuls team leads you through a digital transformation that makes you stand out from your competition. InfoPuls team adapts your digital presence to the constant changes and continues to improve it. Our services - software solutions, digital presence and cloud management - allow your company to successfully face all the challenges of modern business. InfoPuls team is made of experienced experts and dedicated professionals that provide their customers with progressive web solutions. Our experience in providing high-quality web solutions guarantees that we do our business according to the best standards. We are not only accomplished in web design, but we are also committed to making your whole e-business better. We focus on values such as futuristic thinking, personalized attention, result oriented innovations, exceeding user's expectations, and competitive prices. In 2015, we started the digital transformation project "ERP RS". Electronic Registry of Regulations of Republika Srpska published by the Official Gazette of Republika Srpska is a database of active regulations from different spheres of social life. It allows a quick and accurate search sorted by the fields these regulations cover. We developed a structural data entry software, its display to the end user and an advanced search. We maintain the whole system, data backup, implementation of DisasterRecovery location, add new functionalities and constantly improve the system. 2016. The project where we created the digital presence of Boska Shopping Mall is a great example of simplicity and functionality. The whole project is based on CMS (Content Management System) - a web application that allows you to manage the content of your web presence without programming knowledge. The main features are multilinguality, blog, news, actions, custom sliders, galleries, adding new categories, pages etc. Thanks to an efficient CMS, Boska website is truly dynamic and responsive, which is confirmed by the daily number of visitors ranging from 500 to 1000.


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