MSG Consulting

MSG Consulting is an IT company composed of a team of enthusiastic young people, very passionate about what they do. Our approach focuses on truly understanding the vision and goals of our clients, to develop a flexible long-term partnership that delivers growth. Our expertise is in providing software development and digital marketing services. We offer you various services such as: software development (from concept creation, design, and modelling to final execution); web development (we build, create, design, and maintain websites); graphic design (we create visual, attractive, and engaging content); digital marketing (we use digital channels to attract, and engage your new customers); videography (we tell a compelling story through videos or moving images)"


Digital marketing agency and software company

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Miodrag Marković

Osnovne djelatnosti

  • Creating a website
  • Creation of a mobile phone application
  • Creation of webshops
  • Mobile solutions
  • Digital marketing