Regional Innovation Support Ecosystems (RISE) project

Regional Innovation Support Ecosystems (RISE) project

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) ONEX from Banja Luka participates in the RISE project (Regional Innovation Support Ecosystems), which is implemented within the Interreg program for the Danube region. This initiative, supported by the European Union, represents an important step towards strengthening innovative ecosystems, through the development and application of new technologies to promote sustainable development. The project is aimed at improving knowledge in the less developed regions of the Danube region, through the introduction of innovations in the food sector.

The main objective of the RISE project is to encourage transnational cooperation between the private sector, universities and other stakeholders, in order to solve the challenges and achieve the goals set out in the framework of the European Union strategy for research and innovation. The strategic partner of DIH ONEX in this project is the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Srpska.

The main problem that the project deals with is related to innovation capacities in rural areas, which face limited employment opportunities, due to changes occurring in economic activities and reorientation of people to jobs that are related to larger centers. That is why it is important to encourage economic activity in the food sector, which is connected to other branches of the economy in one value chain and which has great potential. The problem lies in the fact that the food sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is poorly developed compared to its competitors from the EU. Manufacturers often lack technical and business skills, because they primarily rely on traditional, outdated and inefficient work methods.

One of the main goals of the RISE program is to strengthen regional innovation capacities, through the exchange of knowledge, experience, mentoring and sharing examples of good practice between partners participating in the program. The intention is to support researchers, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the development of innovative projects and technological solutions in rural areas and to respond to current global challenges. In this context, DiH ONEX will provide methodologies, tools and support for the development of the mentioned solutions. By creating better conditions for employment, through the implementation of innovative ideas, there will be a reduction in brain drain and the tendency of immigration will be encouraged.

It is expected that the implementation of the RISE program will have a long-term positive impact on innovation potential and competitiveness within Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as strengthen regional cooperation and connectivity with other partners from 11 countries participating in this project.