About us

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) ONEX is a competence network of highly qualified experts for professional support in various areas of the business. It aims to ensure support for business development and digital transformation for small and large companies in any industry.

The main reason for establishing DIH ONEX was to fill the gap between the needs of companies and offered services on the market.

DIH ONEX’s vision is to create a collaborative community focused on digital technologies and new business models that can improve the competitiveness of local companies.

The mission of DIH ONEX is to bridge the gap between the digitalization needs in industry and viable solutions.

The work of DIH ONEX is based on the IT platform onex.digital, which strives to provide sources of information from the digital world, online educational content, and educational materials. It also aims to help entrepreneurs to find international partners, connect them to partner companies that can provide specialized support in the field of digitalization, access to finance, and enables contacts with specialized hubs in Europe.

Communication between DIH ONEX and local companies is achieved through different channels: personal contacts, the website, social media, workshops, promotional materials, etc. The DIH has built a strong network of companies that constitute the business community.

Moreover, it established relations with many partner organizations (e.g. development agencies, chambers of commerce, incubators, financial organizations, local authorities, universities, etc.).

Why us?

The key resource of DIH ONEX is a pool of high-qualified experts that provides knowledge in different fields of business.