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(E)DIH ONEX Consortium

(E)DIH ONEX consortium is a leading digital innovation solutions and services provider in the Republic of Srpska region/ BIH. Our mission is to drive growth and success for our clients through innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking. ONEX focuses on five high-growth thematic sectors: Agri-food, Manufacturing, Financial, Tourism, and Construction, and their overlap with green deal principles (fostering efficient use of resources and moving to a clean, circular economy), as well as involving creative actors for the creative and out-of-the-box thinking when generating new solutions. The identified digitalization needs of the high-growth thematic sectors’ target groups were decisive when selecting appropriate partners and their core competencies.

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Digital Innovation Hub

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) ONEX is a competence network of highly qualified experts for professional support in various areas of the business. It intends to ensure support for business development and digital transformation for small and large companies in any industry. DIH ONEX aims to create an effective collaboration between institutions, government agencies, private companies, educational institutions, NGOs, communities, and entrepreneurs. The work of DIH is based on the IT platform www.onex.digital, which strives to provide sources of information from the digital world, online educational content, and educational materials.

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University of Banja Luka

The University of Banja Luka is the leading higher education and scientific institution in the Republic of Srpska and is the second-largest university in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It consists of 16 faculties. The organizational units of the university are equipped with modern laboratories that provide space for education, research, and the provision of professional services to industry and the wider community. These laboratories enable advanced research in various scientific fields, contributing to knowledge, technology, and innovation development. In order to improve the competitiveness of domestic companies, the university especially focuses on cooperation with industry.

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University East Sarajevo

The faculties at the University of East Sarajevo are placed in 10 towns where 17 organizational units of the University are located. Significant human and material resources enable the university to offer a wide range of services to the business sector, local communities, and the wider community. As a partner or coordinator, The university has been actively involved in major projects and programs such as Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, World Bank programs, and IPA projects, providing improvement cooperation with industry in order to commercialize innovative products or services, improvement of infrastructure, etc.

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Mtel Telecom Operatoer

As the leading telecom operator in BIH, Mtel Banja Luka offers unique communication solutions. In the more and more dynamic BiH market, the company offers the latest telecommunication services in the field of telephony, landline network, internet, data, and IPTV. With a constant following of world trends and the latest technological achievements in the field of telecommunications, Mtel also recognizes the needs of the clients. Besides high-quality services and application of the newest information technologies, m:tel invests in education and development projects, and by conducting business in a socially responsible way the company influences the development of true values in the region.

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Lanaco Company

Lanaco Information Technologies is the largest private IT company in the field of information technology in BIH with the head office in Banja Luka. Currently, the company has over 370 employees, with a great number of graduated engineers and economists. The companys main focus is on producing software solutions for SMEs, government, health care systems, public utility companies, etc., as well as providing cloud services. Lanaco provides IT solutions by recognizing and fulfilling the needs and requests of clients for information technology and telecommunications services, through design, implementation, and development of complex integrated systems and applicative solutions.

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Agency for Mediation, Information and Financial Services (APIF)

Agency for Mediation, Information and Financial Services (APIF) Agency for Mediation, Information and Financial Services is the leading governmental agency in the market in the provision of financial mediation services. The Agency is constantly working to expand and establish an adequate quality of services for its clients. This is mostly supported by geographical representation on the territory of the entire region, training of personnel, professional responsibility, IT connection with the most territorially distant business units. Therefore, the Agency is ready at any moment to respond to all requests, creating a positive business climate through the introduction of the principle of digitalization of the administrative functions.

(E)DIH ONEX specializes in assisting businesses in leveraging cutting-edge technologies and emerging trends to maintain a competitive advantage and achieve their objectives. Whether they seek to streamline their operations, improve customer engagement, or unlock new revenue streams, ONEX possesses the expertise and experience necessary to support their growth and success.

Associate Partners

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The Development Agency of the Republic of Srpska (RARS) is responsible for providing support for the establishment, and development of SMEs, providing support for the establishment and development of entrepreneurial infrastructure, supporting innovative activities, as well as stimulating the creation of new products and the introduction of new technologies. The Agency is responsible for managing the Consulting Database of SMEs, managing the portal on business zones, as well as managing and maintaining the Business Portal. It provides support to women, youth, rural and other types of entrepreneurship, cooperates with republican bodies and other organizations and institutions, and improves cooperation between the local self- government unit and other development organizations.

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The University Clinical Center (UCC) is a leading institution in the health system of the Republic of Srpska. UKC is a highly specialized secondary and tertiary level healthcare institution that provides the highest quality healthcare services using modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and treatment methods. UKC encourages the balanced development of all segments of its work: treatment, research and development, and implementation of development projects. In achieving its strategic goals, UKC is oriented towards the preparation and implementation of projects related to the improvement of medical services, as well as infrastructural, energy, and scientific research projects. Recently, UCC is focused on projects related to the use of ICT technologies in the medical sector.

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