According to the recommendations European Commission, DIH ONEX is based on 4 main functions.

DIH ONEX represents a virtual ecosystem one-stop-shop for organizations that proposes to become more competitive and more adapted to modern economics, through the processes, products or services that are using digital technologies.

The 4 base functions of a DIH represent the engine that starts the whole activity of such a collaborative structure, which offers access to new knowledge, expertise and state-of-the-art technology for supporting the beneficiaries with the realization, the testing and the experimentation of digital innovations.

Technology for better future

DIH ONEX 4 Base Functions in a unique and innovative way

For optimal management of basic functions, DIH ONEX has created 5 Digital Programmes. They are the engine that drives the entire DIH ONEX business and they are in a continuous process of evolution.

The 5 Digital Programmes aim to provide DIH ONEX members with support for innovative businesses, through access to financing and know-how on the entire value chain.

As proximity is considered crucial, DIH ONEX strengthens regional cooperation with many partners, including organizations such as universities, professional associations, chambers of trade, incubators/accelerators, regional development agencies and local public authorities and central ones, may also have strong links with service providers around Europe, thus covering 360° of the innovation ecosystem.


Main support functions

DIH ONEX aims to promote and support the efforts of all social actors towards the sustainable development of society with the help of digital technologies and to facilitate the continuous development of partnership networks at local, regional, national and international levels.

Before investing

The main reason why many products and services fail is that the investor does not have the opportunity to test before investing. DIH ONEX offers access to technical expertise and experimentation so that all those interested can "test before investing".


The impact of innovation is visible in many aspects of everyday life, but what ensures that innovative ideas can become a reality? Financing. Financing is the resource that fuels any business. DIH ONEX advises on funding and gives its partners and stakeholders access to real funding opportunities.

Training and development

According to DIH ONEX, the development of knowledge and skills is a process whose success depends, in principle, on the correct identification of needs, the correct assessment of the existing situation and the fair monitoring of progress after the completion of training courses. To support all stakeholders, partners, members, companies, universities, local and central authorities, DIH ONEX has set up Digital Academy, which covers over 30 technologies and fields.

Digital spheres and technologies

DIH ONEX strengthens the capacity for innovation, research and development in the following digital spheres and technologies:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Intelligent transportation system

High-performance computing

Smart city


Cyber security


Big data

Digital academy

Digitaltech network

High tech legal

Market studies

Financial consulting